• Product Name:Benzocaine
  • Molecular Formula:C9H11NO2
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:165.192
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Product Details;

CasNo: 94-09-7

Molecular Formula: C9H11NO2

Appearance: white odourless crystals

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What is the Benzocaine ?

Benzocaine is white odourless crystals, while it's Molecular Formula is C9H11NO2. Benzocaine is used as an anesthetic (Local and topical) that in products such as burn and sunburn remedies, hemorrhoidal creams, suppositories, creams for treatment of poison ivy, oral and gingival products, sore-throat sprays/lozenges, astringents, appetite suppressants, callus and wart remedies, athlete's-foot remedies, toothache- and denture-irritation products.

What is the CAS number for Benzocaine ?

The CAS number of Benzocaine is 94-09-7.

More information of Benzocaine 94-09-7 are:


Benzocaine (USP);Benzoicacid, p-amino-, ethyl ester (8CI);(p-(Ethoxycarbonyl)phenylamine;4-(Ethoxycarbonyl)aniline;4-(Ethoxycarbonyl)phenylamine;4-Aminobenzoic acidethyl ester;4-Carbethoxyaniline;Aethoform;Amben ethyl ester;Anaesthan-syngala;Anaesthin;Anesthesine;Benzoak;Benzocaine;Diet Ayds;Ethoform;Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate;Ethyl aminobenzoate;Ethyl p-aminobenzenecarboxylate;Ethyl p-aminophenylcarboxylate;Gingicaine;Identhesin;Keloform;NSC 41531;NSC 4688;Norcain;Norcaine;Ora-jel;Orabase-B;Orthesin;Parathesin;Parathesine;Slim Mint Gum;Solu H;p-(Ethoxycarbonyl)aniline;p-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester;p-Carbethoxyaniline;p-Ethoxycarboxylicaniline;

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



1.13 g/cm>3

Melting Point

88-90 °C

Boiling Point

310.7 °C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point

164.2 °C


Oral rat LD50: 3040 mg/kg






2.5(at 25℃)

What is Benzocaine (94-09-7) used for?

Benzocaine (ethyl p-aminobenzoate) is used topically by itself or in combination with menthol or phenol in nonprescription dosage forms such as gels, creams, ointments, lotions, aerosols, and lozenges to relieve pain or irritation caused by such conditions as sunburn, insect bites, toothache, teething, cold sores or canker sores in or around the mouth, and fever blisters. Benzocaine is a lipophilic local anesthetic agent with a short duration of action. Like most amino ester-type local anesthetics, it is easily hydrolyzed by plasma cholinesterase. Because of its low pKa, however, it is un-ionized under most physiological conditions and, therefore, can only bind to the lipid side of the local anesthetic receptor. It also can easily cross membranes into systemic circulation to cause systemic toxicities. Furthermore, being a PABA derivative, it has similar allergenic properties to procaine and is contraindicated with sulfonamide antibacterial agents.


Articles related to Benzocaine:



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